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Course dates: from October 2020 to May 2021 - on weekends, once a month.

Ayurveda plus yoga - the path to a conscious life

– The motto of the course
Founder of the Ayurveda+ school
« Perhaps you've seen other offers about Ayurveda massage training online or come across other Ayurveda courses in India. In our unique course, we offer our Ayurveda training online in English, Ayurveda training in India and the opportunity to obtain a diploma that meets international standards.

I hope our meeting on this site wasn't accidental and that you learn about Ayurveda as a science of a noble and harmonious life, by creating harmony inside yourself and surrounds, you can share it with other people. This will make the world around you better ».


Welcome to the website ayurveda.plus!
If we compare Ayurveda and traditional medicine, we can observe that traditional medicine cures the problem mainly, and Ayurveda finds the cause of the disease and eliminates it, maintaining overall health. There are no magical rituals in Ayurvedic procedures. Massage and oil, daily routines and proper nutrition have a beneficial effect on the vital functions of the body as a whole. I have tried many traditional Ayurvedic methods and procedures on myself and I will notice that the body, thanks to them, receives additional energy and strength.

Our courses allow you to undergo Ayurveda training online from any country in the world. All classes are broadcast live, and upon completion, you can watch the recording class several more times to consolidate knowledge. The uniqueness of our courses is that studies are combined online and further, if desired, in India, where you can confirm your qualifications in an authentic Ayurveda training center. Particular attention in our course is given to such a procedure as Ayurvedic massage.

I hope our meeting on this site was not accidental, and you can learn about Ayurveda as a science of a noble and harmonious life, and by creating harmony within yourself and in the surrounding space, you can share it with other people. Because of this the world around you will become better.

See you on the course!

Founder of the Ayurveda+ school
Andrey Verba


Ayurveda is an ancient science that has stood the test of time due to its universality and principles that make it possible to define it as a unique and complete "science of life".
Ayurveda is not just a system of maintaining health, but also a holistic worldview that reflects the deep connection of Nature and human existence. For millennia, the basic principles of Ayurveda have not changed, since they were originally derived from the universal laws of nature where we as humans take part. And therefore, it remains as modern as possible and becomes popular due to the knowledge about how to be healthy, live in harmony with Nature and develop spiritually.

This course is for those who want to immerse themselves deep into the study of traditional Ayurveda and learn how to practically use this knowledge in life. We believe this course will be applicable to anyone with a desire to understand the basics of the functioning of our body and how to maintain it in harmony - no prior medical education is necessary.

How to become certified in Ayurveda?
We invite everyone who has higher, incomplete higher, secondary, secondary special education, as well as instructors with experience in conducting yoga classes to study. Admission to the course is carried out after passing an interview by prior arrangement.

After training and successful passing of exams you will be issued a diploma of the established form of "Ayurveda Consultant". This document can be further used by you for consultations, conducting Ayurvedic massage sessions, making recommendations on changing nutrition and cleansing procedures of Ayurveda.

How to become a certified Ayurveda specialist?

Have you ever wondered what a professional retraining diploma is and how you can use it?
If you decide to change the scope of your activity and you are thinking of getting new demanded knowledge on additional professional programs, then this information will be useful to you!

We are ready to offer you a program of continuing professional education. You will get opportunity to master profession of the dream. You will be able to transform your life, improve your body and spirit and also help your family and friends to find harmony.

Upon completion of training in our unique program for future Ayurveda specialists, you will receive a diploma of professional retraining (the program includes 200 hours of practical classes and lectures). Our diploma confirms the level of professional training, allows you to carry out activities according to the specialty received.


The first year of study will be focused on learning the basic concepts of Ayurveda, which include; the introduction to traditional Indian medicine, study of ancient scriptures devoted to the principles of longevity and methods for overall health improvement.
Introduction to Ayurveda
Ayurveda and modern medicine. Ayurvedic philosophy, the main sources are Samhites and Sanskrit.
Prakriti and Doshas
The first elements and characteristics of the material world. General characteristics of doshas. Vata, pitta and kapha dosha. Subdosha.

Dravyaguna - the use of herbs and spices for healing. Tastes and their effect on doshas.
Types of body constitution
Individual constitution. Methods for determining Prakriti. The concept of mental constitution in Ayurveda.
Body structure
Fundamentals of body structure in Ayurvedic medicine. Tissues and their interaction. Digestion and the concept of agni.
Ayurvedic Pharmacology
Private Dravyaguna. Properties of food and medicinal substances. General issues of Ayurvedic pharmacology.
Ayurveda and lifestyle
Health in Ayurveda. Daily recommendations. The rules of eating. Seasonal and age recommendations. Rasayana.
Diagnosis and treatment
The basics of therapy. Imbalance of doshas, disease diagnosis. Principles and methods of treatment. Types of treatment therapy.
Introduction to Panchakarma. Basic concepts, meaning, types of procedures and effects of exposure. Indications and contraindications.
Directions for the use of Ayurvedic massage. Training. Basic techniques and rules for the implementation of Ayurvedic massage. Selection of therapeutic oils for Ayurvedic massage. Types of Ayurvedic massage. Marma massage.
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2020–2021 study year
The course is based on Ayurvedic primary sources translated from Sanskrit and corresponds to basic knowledge about Ayurveda. After completing the course, you will be able to independently determine the individual constitution, learn the principles of diagnosis and symptoms of the main pathological conditions, get acquainted with a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines and learn how to correctly apply them in life. Particular attention will be paid to the system of purification, rejuvenation and longevity - panchakarma.

The program consists of lecture and practical classes: 200 academic hours. The course runs for 7.5 months - from October to May, on weekends - Saturday and Sunday once a month and online classes on weekends.

During this course, you will expand your ability to master Ayurvedic philosophy and Vedic knowledge. You can effectively help people in the correction of their well-being. Get the opportunity to work as an Ayurveda consultant and master of Ayurvedic massage.

This knowledge you can use as a professional activity of a consultant, as well as to heal yourself and your family and friends, you can use Ayurveda in multifaceted ways. After the first year of study, you can continue your education and, having passed the exam at an authentic center in India, get an international diploma in English.


How are they interconnected?
This may be surprising, but ancient texts tell us that yoga and Ayurveda are complementary systems. In yoga, a lot of attention is paid to austerities, Ayurveda also draws our attention to deep relaxation.

Thus, the connection between yoga and Ayurveda becomes obvious to everyone who strives for harmonious evolution. Studying both of these sciences can help us find the golden mean of our path.

Yoga and Ayurveda making a big influence to health and go hand in hand, complementing each other. Our contemporaries may wonder - what came first yoga or Ayurveda? However, answering it with accuracy without the help of deep meditation, samadhi, won't work. Therefore, it would be hard without a yoga technique in self-development.

"Ayurveda should be studied by the brahmanas - to benefit all living beings, rulers - to protect themselves and their people, merchant people - to achieve prosperity".
Charaka Samhita
1500 BC e. (word of mouth)
"A person striving for a long life, who must ensure the achievement of four goals: dharma, artha, kama and moksha, must turn to Ayurveda with deep faith".
VII century AD e.
"Ayurveda is a teaching that makes known what life is, as well as substances, their qualities and actions that promote longevity or hinder it".
Charaka Samhita
The final written edition was formed by 150 BC. e.


Ayurvedic knowledge has come down to us in the form of sources written in Sanskrit. Like medicine and the philosophy of Ayurveda has an extensive terminology and therefore, to study Ayurveda, it is extremely necessary to know its terms and fully understand them.


Ayurvedic massage, or Abhyanga, differs significantly from the classic western.

If classical massage affects the physiology of the patient, then massage in Ayurveda is aimed not only at working out the muscles, but also at harmonizing health both at the energy and spiritual levels. As a result, a state of mental and emotional rest is achieved.

Four hands synchronous massage, special temperature and humidity, various oils (over 50 types), incense aromas, specially selected music and much more allow you to achieve greater relaxation and, as a result, maximum effect.

In our center, Ayurvedic massage training takes place in several stages. Gradually, you can master the diversity of knowledge and become a specialist in this field.


One of the most important aspects of Ayurvedic treatment is the application of the principles of healthy eating. Ayurveda dishes can give benefits to the body and also taste wonderful. Dosha nutrition can improve the body and also diversify the usual diet!


Cost of training on the course for consultants on Ayurveda,
including certification and exam for online study
Course dates: from October 2020 to May 2021 - on weekends, once a month.
PRICE: 700 $

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Course dates: October 2020 - May 2021
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Course dates: October 2020 - May 2021
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