Ayurveda is an ancient science which has been tested over time thanks to its' universal principles that identify ayurveda as unique and full-scale "science about life".
Indian ayurvedic medicine has been well known for centuries. Ayurveda means "knowledge about life" in Sanskrit. This particular science had a major impact on the making of not only Eastern meidcal schools but also Western and in particular Europe.

For the many people on our planet Indian ayurvedic medicine has become a major substitute for traditional treatment methods that are used in the West and frequently turn out to be helpless in fighting the majority of modern diseases. Health-giving methods of ayurvedic treatment are based on a thousand years' experience gained from Indian people who kept this unique science about health and rejuvenation to this day.

Ayurveda in India
Treasury of ancient wisdom kept by the people of India.



The state of Kerala is located in the South of India. It is the richest and most clean state with a highly-educated population.
Kerala is famous for its lush tropical vegetation and favorable climate. In contrast with other Indian regions, there is no withering heat and no long showers. This makes it very comfortable for holiday makers and those seeking treatment. The rains are quite short and the air is refreshing and clean. To sum up, the nature has created all the conditions for full treatment and recreation. It is no coincidence that Kerala has become the centre of Ayurveda famous all over the world.

Health improves thanks to the wonderful climate and also through ayurvedic procedures. Ayurvedic medicine attracts people from all over the world. People come to Kerala in order to get unique ancient knowledge and effective treatment methods for many diseases.

Ayurveda is not just a system of health support. It is an integral mindset that reflects a deep connection between Nature and existence of a human being.
Doshas in Ayurveda
Diseases appear when doshas are not in balance. Ayurvedic system of medicine is based on a theory of five elements, that form the whole Universe and the human being, and all processes of nature are influenced by them. Different combination of elements leads to the creation of 3 body types - doshas. Indian Ayurveda is intended to softly recover natural balance lost by a person. That is why ayurvedic procedures has proved the best in treatment of chronicle diseases. Before making a diagnosis, an experienced ayurvedic doctor makes a full and comprehensive analysis. This includes diagnosis of iris, pulse, hair and nails, tongue condition, energy points etc. A professional determines the level of imbalance in the body. It is important to understand that the ayurvedic centre in Kerala provides only individual treatment for each patient. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala includes not only spa procedures, but also special diet, meditation and yoga practice.


Ayurveda has a lot of different procedures.
hese are health-giving, fortifying, anti-aging, anti-stress programs. It is a complex approach, including not only body wellness, but also harmonising of inner peace. The Kerala ayurvedic massage centre also provides different types of massages, cleansing and physio-theraputic procedures and invigoration with healing baths. One of the most famous classical methods of deep body cleanse from stored toxins is Panchakarma.
Panchakarma and ayurveda in India is a complex program that includes ayurvedic massage, steam sauna, treatment with essential oils and much more.
First of all the ayurvedic doctor in India will make a full ayurvedic diagnosis and only after that will schedule personalised individual procedures. Such cleansing in an ayurvedic resort is done in 3 stages: preparation, cleansing and finally the patient is given restorative procedures. Within the complex cleansing program, a patient is offered an individual accurate diet according to ayurveda.

Rasayana also is a very important part of an ayurvedic treatment. Ramayana is a complex made up of special ayurvedic herbs and minerals, translated from Sanskrit as "source giving life". The herbal mix consist of medicinal herbs that stimulate the immune system which in turn significantly helps to improve the rehabilitation process.

The key feature of ayurveda is the treatment of, not only one specific disease or organ, in the way that modern medicine does, but the health improvement and rejuvenation of the whole body. It is important to remember that the ancient procedures provided by the ayurvedic centre heal both body and soul, by restoring harmony on all three levels: body, mind and soul.


Kerala ayurvedic centre provides a full diagnosis and a complex of ayurvedic procedures. A treatment program is done individually and consists of the following elements:
Ayurvedic massage
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Yoga and meditation
Step Four
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